Who thinks Mastermind Groups are important? Well….I…Do! The every day distraction that people deem to be important are really not that important? The more distraction….the more disconnect…the less intelligent…the more problems….the more dysfunction…more violence….more anger….more depression….more doctor appointments. I wonder why we feel overwhelmed? Are you confused? Oh no “Tony Robbins explains,” You are about to learn something when you say your are confused? Identify the conflicts? What is most important to you? Align your life what is important to you? How are you going to get there in all areas of your life if you are distracted and disconnected? Yes..you may all say that you are connected to your palm, smart phone, Television, Radio….etc. Are you really??? Let me know what you think of Mastermind Groups? Your mentors….your life coaches? There are many kinds of groups? Are we really connected? Do you really know yourself?