The creativity of a person means more than you think.  We need to revisit the meaning of creativity and look deeper.  We need to start to question things like we did when we were children.  At some point, someone told you that you were not creative?  You believed what they told you and you stopped questioning everything.   Some may have told you ” Why do you ask some many questions?”  or stop asking so many questions.  We need to wake up and make it happen!  We are creative beings!  We have infinite possibilities.  Lets take a look at a flower…The flower can only be a red, yellow of purple flower.  We have the ability to make things happen or change…etc.  Lets start asking questions like:  why don’t I exercise, what habit could I adopt would revolutionize my life, and I wonder what would happen if I stopped watching tv.  You have to remember there are gurus out there that have said, if you ask the right questions and you are specific…You will get the right answer.         Don’t be afraid to ask these questions.  You need to steer it up!